My Family Lineage PagesIza McCLUER aged 16

  South Pasadena Reunion -- Jan 1947

Family History
We human beings love a mystery. One of the great things about genealogy is that when you solve one mystery, others present themselves. It is a never ending story.

For years I collected information about my family, but was so busy with family, work, and home I did not have time to organize the information.

After I became a grandparent, I found time to not only organize the data, but to research and add to our knowledge of our family lineage.

It is amazing how close I feel to my ancestors now. Sometimes I feel like they are looking over my shoulder and sending me in different directions to learn more about them.

Future Families
We are the creators of families now, and our descendants will be the creators in the future.

What will those families look like?
What will be their values?
How will they treat themselves?
How will they treat others?
Will they live in a state of grace?
Will they be kind?
Going Forward
Only by having integrity and being kind can the world be saved. It is not necessary to like a person or agree with them in order to be kind.

Religions are not kind, so cannot promote kindness in the world.

Governments are not kind or ethical, so cannot promote kindness in the world.

Only individuals can promote kindness by choosing to be kind to EVERYONE.

Hopefully, that will be our future!